Gum Arabic tree

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  • 11/08/2020
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The taxon Senegalia Senegal “Gum Arabic tree”,  is the tree containing the most famous food and drug ingredient in the world, Gum Arabic.
Sudanese Gum Arabic, also known as Gum Acacia (E414) is a completely natural and high quality ingredient in the food, beverage and pharma sectors, setting the standard by which other Gum Arabic origins are judged on the international market.
Gum Arabic “hashab”  is a key ingredient in many applications in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. It’s recognized uses are a high quality emulsifier, binder, encapsulator, and stabilizer.
Africorp follows international standards in processing gum Arabic. After picking (harvesting), the raw “gum arabic” is delivered to begin the cleaning process which is done in three-stage.
After the necessary natural drying period, it starts with cleaning the outer layer of the nodules using a manual filter, the product at this stage is called (alramiaa) and considered “third degree”.
The second processing stage is locally known as “alsuftin” which is a stage of rechecking and inspection of the previous stage under the supervision of highly experienced experts to reach the required product with the required specifications. Africorp offers international buyers four types of gum Arabic; being Gum Hashab HPS (Hand-picked-selected nodules), Gum Hashab (KC), Gum Olibanum, and Gum Talha.
Further grading of the size of the nodule is offered on request in terms of size/mm by running the material over sieves.

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