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Africorp International (ACI)

Founded in 2002 working in the field of exporting agricultural and forestry products and animal products from Sudan, to all over the world.

Africorp International (ACI)

is a Khartoum-based Sudanese private limited company mainly engaged in export and import business activities. As an exporter ACI is developing into a leading Sudanese, as well as African, supplier of a variety of agricultural and animal products.

Africorp International (ACI)

ACI is specializing in supplying Organic Agri-food Products, by owning certificates from BCS, as well as the fair-trade certificate in hibiscus, sesame seeds, Senna pods/leaves, Gum Arabic (Hashab and Talha), Gum karaya, and Gum Olibanum.


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Main Products

ACI is a market leader in exporting to world markets, products such:

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