Sustainability at ACI

Social, Environmental, Economic (people, plant, profit)

ACI –SIP focuses on consolidating capabilities of producers to enhance their production & productivity, which will increase their income, hence improving their quality of life.


ACI engagement with producers takes place through multiple ways including, but not limited to:

  1. Extension Services.
  2. Technology.
  3. Financial services (microfinance)
  4. Access to market on a win-win basis.

Part of ACI’s mission is to create a positive impact in communities that it works in. The company strives to improving the livelihood of farmers at the lower end of the agricultural value chain. ACI deals with over 4,000 smallholder farmers, through a sustainable direct purchasing mechanism. Also ACI has put in place measurements to track the impact it has on the farmers; as these measurements are requirements for the annual audit that take place to get the fair trade and organic certifications.

ACI ensures the advancement of it’s environmental policy through :


Scientific Research Partnerships:

ACI has worked in building partnership that advances it’s planet’s agenda. It is currently in partnership with reputable research institutions, both national and international to guarantee the efficient use of natural resources as well as come up with innovative solutions that will benefit each player in the value chain.

Direct Purchasing Policy:

ACI has adopted a direct purchase policy for smallholder farmers bypassing middlemen. These farmers are grouped together in farmer associations; their products are both organic and fair trade certified.

ACI traces their produce as it moves along the supply chain from raw goods to finished products, through documented recorded identification. Also, It has put in place a mechanism, where it can trace it’s products back to the originating farm, forest or production site.