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Africorp International (ACI) is an innovative African agricultural company dedicated to making both positive financial and social impact within the agriculture sector in Sudan. Founded in 2002 and based in Khartoum, ACI is a leading Sudanese exporter of key cash crops grown by smallholder farmers throughout the agriculture production regions in Sudan. Currently, ACI operations enable over 4,000 farmers’ access to the agricultural knowledge, access to financing, and access to tools and technology. The company has 35 permanent staff and around 800 casual labor including over 90% women.

ACI founders, like many in Sudan, grew up around agriculture in rural western Sudan. Their hands were dusted by the mixed clay and sandy soils where they aided their parents to grow sesame, groundnuts, and hibiscus. Their early farming experiences gave them an insight into the importance of sustainably working with the land to create both social and economic value.
Thus when they started Africorp, they had an awareness of the obstacles to rural Sudanese agriculture and a deep-seated sense to work closely with agricultural producers towards an improved agricultural economy to benefit both producer and consumer societies.

For value addition and increasing social impact ACI is now diversifying its business activities into farming and manufacturing.

ACI has a highly successful sales and marketing strategy that has enabled it to source produce from farmers to sell on to international markets, via a highly specialised team over the last 10 years. All profits have been reinvested into expanding the business (no. products, geographical reach and no. smallholders they source from), with further investment in two new warehouses in Soba part of Khartoum during 2014-15.

ACI has a sister company, FAAS Trade and Investment independently registered in the UK since 2011 FAAS Trade and Investment is a member of the UK Chamber of Commerce.

Our Vision: Global Leadership in Agribusiness & Manufacturing.
Our Mission: To provide high quality products with a strong customer focus, deep rooted community involvement, excellent financial position, and an overall world-class brand.

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ACI works diligently to materialize, on the ground a business model aimed at making a board based social impact that in turn contributes to liberating communities from burdens of poverty, disease, lack of access to education and social and political deprivation.
disease, lack of access to education and social and political deprivation.
and social and political deprivation.