ACI Appoints a New Managing Director

Dr. Omer AbdelAzim, ACI’s Managing Director

Africorp International (ACI) is pleased to introduce its new Managing Director (MD), Dr.  Omer AbdelAzim Hussein. Dr. Omer has joined Africorp family in July 2018 and was acting as Deputy Managing Director. He assumed his position as Managing Director as of January 1st, 2019.

Dr. Azim graduated from University of Khartoum with a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacology, then went on pursuing his Master of Science in Pharmacy from China Pharmaceutical University.  Dr. Azim has over 25 years of managerial experience in the field of pharmaceutical manufacturing; we’re more than excited to see  Dr. Azim’s unique experience in running successful enterprises being brought into ACI.

Dr. Mohamed Haroon, President & ACI’s BOD Chairman

Appointment of Dr. Azim as the new MD comes in the context of ACI ’s Strategy (2017-2020), which is prioritizing separation of management and ownership; further building up the company’s strong young, educated hardworking diverse team, as well as, enhancement of the company’s setup and operation; realizing a significant growth by best catering for improvement of ACI’s financial position; consolidating social and environmental commitments and building a  strong global brand. ACI is further diversifying its business activities into areas of agribusiness and manufacturing.

Dr. Hwaida Shabo, ACI’s Chairman Vice President

Former ACI’s MD, Dr. Mohammed Haroon, will continue to serve as ACI’s President and Chairman of Africorp’s Board of Directors and a special advisor to the management team. Dr. Mohammed was one of the first to realize the great potential of what Sudan has to offer the world, and is responsible for growing Africorp to where it is today. We cannot thank him enough for his inspirational leadership and contributions. To us, he’s a visionary and will miss him tremendously as MD. Last but not least, Dr. Hwaida Shabo will continue to serve as Vice-president to the Chairman of the Board. We cannot thank her enough for her contributions, innovation, and ever ambitious and forward-looking spirit. 


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