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  • 16/06/2021
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Africorp is adapted to principles of traceability upon which food safety can be easily achieved.

The ISO defines traceability as” the ability to follow the movement of food through specified stages of production, processing, and distribution”.

The close tracking methods Africrop is adapted to enables it to recall products at any time an issue with the product’s quality/safety appears. This strong traceability system serves ACI in many ways, as it ensures continuity in the supplier’s traceability chain unto the final consumer and vice versa, moreover, it helps professionals within the food chain in risk management, crisis management, and in settings the limits of liabilities. Authorities in charge will then have a solid means to risk prevention and localization and expertise in case of a food crisis.

The food industry is solely becoming a consumer-driven industry with rising demands for safe food. As a result of globalization in trade, food travels far and wide from the producer to reach the consumer, it’s now more important to put in a clear process to assist in ordering whereby sticking to It the consumer will ensure receiving the desired product with the same quality every time.

ACI has endeavored to build an order-process that would give everyone in the supply chain from production to consumer a trouble-free experience, through which they can easily find all the information needed about the rate, quality, and value along with expiry date, product composition, geographical origin, medical ground, ideological reasons, nutritional contribution, religion, allergic risks, hazards, and environmental reasons along with ethical concerns.



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