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  • 11/08/2021
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The food industry is solely becoming a consumer-driven industry with rising demands for safe food. Traceability is the ability to follow the movement of food through specified stages of production, processing, and distribution. Africorp prioritize giving its consumers a pleasant experience and that through setting a careful strong traceability system to serve consumers, professionals within the food chain, and authorities in charge.
As a result of globalization in trade, food now a day’s travels far and wide from the producer to reach the consumer and that has resulted in many food accidents in the past, thus securing food has been Africorp’s main concern ever since its launch. Africorp considers traceability a tool to establish a relationship of trust with consumers, satisfy their safety needs in terms of health and well-being, and then fulfill their expectations in terms of information. Africorp’s adapted traceability system provides the consumer with all the information needed about the rate, quality, and value along with expiry date, product composition, geographical origin, medical ground, ideological reasons, nutritional contribution, religion, allergic risks and hazards, and environmental reasons along with ethical concerns.
Moreover, the continuity in the supplier’s traceability chain allows Africorp’s professionals for better risk management, a handy crisis management tool, and a way to set their limits of liabilities. The authorities in charge will then have a solid mean to risk prevention and localization and expertise in case of a food crisis.
Africorp’s effective traceability system ease the implementation of veritable safety and quality compliance programs, upon which food safety is ensured.



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