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  • 27/09/2021
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Today’s agro-business challenges are a lot different from before. The chaos covid-19 pandemic has left the world calling for polices changes and a new flow of business. Nowadays small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are required to pay close attention to many fine details to ensure business success and gain their buyer’s trust and loyalty.

A well-written agreement serves both parties, It works as a reminder and a record. It has to be precise, clear, and thorough to protect your business.

Covid-19 has reached every aspect of our lives, and as a result, a lot of measures have changed, one of those is the international supply chain. currently, the failure to meet the agreed on delivery time and volume requested can be blamed on restrictions limiting/ stopping production, local lockdowns, increase in delivery costs, and flight arrangement difficulties.

Careful planning and reviewing Covid-19 implications will assist you in ensuring buyer’s satisfaction.

Studying the risks of various payments method will definitely aid in minimizing your risks whilst working to meet the needs of buyers, nevertheless building a long-lasting relationship with buyers.
Export insurance. It’s designed to protect exporters from various risks that can affect the business negatively. It’s crucial to purchase export insurance as it will protect your business from difficulties during the import-export process. At best, this could impede an exporter’s capacity to trade; at worst, it could result in the termination of their operations.

Investigating and learning everything there is to know about European Union customs policies will be quite useful.

To ensure delivering the product to your buyers at the right time, you will have to carefully assess your transportation method keeping in mind the delivery time, shipment volume, and cost.

the correct packaging can assist in preventing the serious risk of damage to your products. It’s always good to start by reviewing if there are specific packaging requirements, followed by specifying terms of how you advise the product should be handled, stored, and transported correctly so that they are at minimal risk of damage.


MRLs (maximum residue levels)

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