Red Hibiscus Flower is an ideal crop for developing countries

Red Hibiscus Flower is an ideal crop for developing countries, as it’s drought-tolerant and relatively easy to grow, but it’s known that it’s difficult to produce a consistently high-quality product, as hibiscus is labor-intensive and very sensitive to changes in the length of the day.
Under the umbrella of modernizing current traditional agricultural practices used to improve the production yield and the product quality, Africorp has adapted new innovative methods to handle red flower hibiscus as well as value-added processing as it has a superior reputation for cleanliness.
As red hibiscus flower is a very demanding crop and it’s a challenge to produce consistently a high-quality crop. ACI pays attention to all the necessary details such as harvesting time, post-harvest handling, and drying process.
ACI ensures the sustainability of the product quality and places the world’s best red flower hibiscus between your hands, monitored at every step, hand-harvested to avoid contamination, and hand-watered to avoid pests.

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