Cassia Tora

Sudanese Senna, Cassia acutifolia, Del C. Senna L is a perennial 1-2 m height undershrub. The stem is erect, smooth, and pale green to light brown with long spreading   ascending   branches.   Leaves   are compound with four to six pairs of leaflets. The full grown leaflets are bluish-green to pale- green in color and emit a characteristic fetid smell when crushed. The flowers are small and yellow and axillary arranged racemes. The pods are broadly oblong about 5-8 cm long

and 2-3 cm broad, green in beginning and change to greenish-brown to dark brown on maturity. Each pod has 5 to 7 ovate, compressed, smooth, dark-brown seeds.

The two most widely exported and officially recognized species of seena are C. acutifolia and C. angustifolia.