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  • 22/09/2021
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agri-business, the type of packaging material used can have a significant impact and make a major difference.

Packaging in the agricultural industry encompasses more than just labeling and branding. Typically, a lot of time and effort has gone into harvesting a high-quality crop, and the goal is to deliver the product in the same condition to the consumer after it is harvested.
Packaging is ‘ the act of wrapping or enclosing agricultural products in a suitable material that will protect them when they are being transported from farm to markets and displayed in shops for people to buy.

A packaging is considered excellent and In accordance with the specifications and policies when is ticking a few important boxes, such as the chosen material must be suitable for the product at hand, it must be capable of preventing the product from breakage, leakage, damage to the farm, the chosen container must enclose the product in a convenient unit for handling and distributing must protect from hazards during transportation, easy to carry in terms of weight and form, and easy to dispose.

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