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  • 06/09/2021
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Africorp’s core principle is organic production. Since its foundation, it has been working non-stop towards raising both the community and small farmers’ awareness about organic farming. Africorp has been working relentlessly towards teaching small farmers in workshops all they need to know about the effect of organic production on the community, its importance, and how to go organic successfully, while offering a flawless organic product to the public so they can tell the difference by themselves.
Africorp has adapted the principles of food security and safety and established a strong basis in the community to obtain rich crops that will be processed into a high quality, healthy, and safe product. Since 2009 Africorp’s products have been accredited as “Organic Products”, followed that: European Organic Certificate “EC” and the US National Organic Program “NOP”. Sesame, hibiscus, gum Arabic, frankincense gum, karaya gum, senna, Baobab, Tamarind, and peanuts are all under these certificate umbrella.
As organic production allows the use of fertilizers of organic origin only, and pest management when organic farming is trickier, Africorp’s gives a fair amount of attention to the life cycle of pests as well as the biological factors that influence pest growth and control.
Africorps organic products are a trademark protected by international laws, moreover it’s an indication that people’s awareness is rising and a healthy and more advanced community is being developed.



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