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  • 15/07/2021
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Modern irrigation systems are many and varied, and the most important characteristic of these systems is the ability to rationalize water consumption. Modern irrigation has contributed to improving agricultural production.

Keep reading to learn all about modern irrigation techniques and t systems.
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The importance of innovative irrigation systems ,The efficient use of water reduces the waste of water resources, which then can be utilized in other ways, and also contributes to avoiding the environmental impacts resulting from excessive water consumption.

The importance of modern irrigation systems lie in reducing the agricultural problems facing many farmers in the world, such as the problems of saturation, salinization, and leaching, furthermore it assists in improving the productivity of crops. Therefore, the utmost importance for any irrigation system of any kind is the optimal use of water.

The issue of conserving water is more sensitive than it seems, but all we can do is contribute to the responsible use of this resource and benefit from it. In our modern age we suffer from the problem of water scarcity, and many irrigation systems have been devised for this task, not only to rationalize water but also to make things easier for us to take care of our crops and farms.

Modern irrigation techniques ,Modern irrigation techniques include many innovative irrigation systems. The technological development of the agricultural field has assisted farmers to irrigate crops more easily. There are many types of innovative irrigation systems, the most important of which are:

Irrigation programmers system ,Irrigation programmers are one of the most important technologies in irrigation, they are management programs that assist in optimizing the time and the area of irrigation in crops, and saving more quantity of water.

There are two types of programmers: analog and digital irrigation programmers. These programs are easy to use and highly effective, moreover, they have many other functions that put them in a superior position to their counterparts.

It should be noted that there are programmers with two or more paths that allow us to design different irrigation programs for different areas, which makes this technology ideal for large crops, or areas with different water needs.

Solar irrigation system ,It’s one of the most important innovative irrigation systems, This system uses the sun’s energy to operate a pump that provides water to promote crop growth. These pumps are equipped with solar cells that are used to transport water. The solar energy absorbed by the cells is then converted into electrical energy through a generator.

The generator then ultimately feeds an electric motor that drives the pump. Most conventional pump systems are primarily powered by either a diesel engine or a local electric grid.

this technology works by saturating the indoor air with moisture, and when the water condenses on the walls, water droplets fall into the interior of the irrigation system, and then a small-sized water cycle is produced, which provides water to the soil continuously.

This irrigation system is very easy to manufacture and considered innovative in irrigation as it allows greater water savings, Thus reduces the amount of water used in conventional irrigation systems by 10 times.

Micro Sprinkler irrigation system ,This system is one of the inputs of modern irrigation technology. Sprinkler irrigation systems are directly involved in collecting water from a well, river, or reservoir, and this system can be used on mountainous terrain. It distributes water very smoothly, and it also has the ability to conserve water.

Micro-sprinkler irrigation system is a different type of sprinkler irrigation, it includes a smaller scope and distributes smaller droplets. This allows greater water savings, and for these advantages, this system is one of the best irrigation systems for horticultural crops, flowers, greenhouses, nurseries, and hydroponics crops.

Underground drainage in agricultural land ,It is usually used in agricultural fields containing high humidity percentages. This system is also suitable where groundwater levels are very high. Its main objective is to Lower the depth of the groundwater table to promote a continuous flow of water into the soil.
Multi-door irrigation system ,This system is a kind of modern irrigation system which is based on technology, It is a sort of multicomputer irrigation system that conducts the water and distributes it over the land to reduce water consumption while irrigating the fields. However, this system is the least used compared to all the other innovative irrigation systems mentioned, due to the difficulty of its use.

Airdrop irrigation system ,The airdrop irrigation system is very innovative, It relies on condensing water by directing air through turbines to a water tank located in the ground. On its way through the turbines, the air cools and condenses before reaching the tank. Once the water enters it is pumped to the drip irrigation system to supply water to the plant.

Innovative irrigation systems are an effective way to preserve the environment and rationalize water consumption, as we suffer in the modern era from the problems of water scarcity. But by using these innovative irrigation systems we can solve this problem.



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