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The plant has a pale green stem with long spreading branches. The sweetish taste of the leaves distinguish Senna from the Argel leaves. It has small yellow flowers and oblong pods about 2 inches long and 7 to 8 inches broad.
Senna Pods
It is also called Nubian Senna or Alexandrian Senna or even Khartoum Senna. It grows in parts of Sudan and in some Arabian countries. The best senna is distinguished by a bright yellowish-green color of the leaves with a faint odor resembling the smell of green tea and a bittersweet taste.
Senna Pods
It is known for increasing the movement of the colon by increasing the functions of the intestinal wall. It is also a remedy for hemorrhoids, alimentary canal and prolapus. Similarly, both leaves and pods of the plant are used to cure breathing problems . An infusion of the pods is used as an effective way to suppress fever and to stop chronic nosebleeds. An infusion of the leaves is consumed to stop spasms or convulsions. The roots of the plant are consumed with milk to treat malaria.


Known by its botanical name, Cassia Acutifolia. Senna belongsto the N.O. Leguminosae family. It grows in September after the autumn rains and in April.
Senna leaves