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Halfa Barr
Also known as Maharaib and by the botanical name of Cymbopogon Proximus, Halfa Barr is indigenous to Egypt and Sudan.
Halfa Baar is from the same lemongrass family as Cymbopogon Citratus.
It suppresses muscle spasms and is used in treating renal problems as it smoothes the muscles of the ureter and treats renal problems such as renal stones and renal colics. It also helps in reducing fevers and is used in a drug called Proximol that is used in treating urinary diseases and ureteric stones. Farmers also use the oil extracted from this plant to control Fusarium Oxysporum, a fungal disease that affects a large number of plants in this world. Studies show that essential oils extracted from Halfa Barr decrease the growth of fungus by 40 to 75%.
A perennial aromatic plant about one meter in height with narrow leaves and shallow roots. It grows in Southern Egypt and Northern Sudan in desert areas and rocky habitats among others. The plant can grow at high temperatures and has the ability to tolerate extreme dryness.