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Locust Bean
Also known as Ceratonia Siliqua or Carob Tree
Originally, the tree was native to the Mediterranean but is now grown in warm climates. Known for the sweet taste of its fruit, it was used as a source of sugar before sugarcane and sugar-beets became available. However, it is relatively low in calories and very healthy.
Carob in a common sweetener in foods and drinks. The dried fruits are also eaten or are made into carob juice. The carob syrup made out of carob pods is used to treat coughs and sore throats. It also treats diarrhea in children and is used to ease gastro-esophagael reflux diseases. It helps regulate high blood sugar levels and high cholesterol levels. It is used to supplement chocolate since it is a much healthier alternative and is known for having a similar taste.
This flowering shrub is part of the pea family known as Fabeceae. The tree grows up to 10 metres and has a thick trunk. It consists of leaves and legume beans which are edible. The fruit of Carob is a pod, pods take a year to develop and only the dried pods are consumed by humans.