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Gum Arabic Talha
Gum Arabic Talha is the dry exudates obtained from the stems and
branches of Acacia Seyal, Acia Karroo, Acia ehrenbergiana, Acacia , Acacia Hockii and Acacia Sierberana.
Gum Arabic Talha
Gum Arabic Talha is a yellowish- brown substance in solid form When
dry its nodules are brittle and can easily break into siftings and dust.
It is odorless and has a stringent taste. It is a water soluble gum derived
from a number of Acacia trees and is considered a major source of
technological grade gums.
Gum Arabic Talha ,5mm to 4mm Siftting
It is known for its uses in making textile and paper and in non-food uses such as lithographic formulations. It is also used in making explosives.
Gum Arabic Talha Dust

Gum Arabic Talha is produced in Sudan by tapping a number of trees in the Acacia species.