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Gum Arabic Hashab
Gum Arabic Hashab is a dried exudation obtained from the stems
and branches of Acacia Senegal var. senegal (L) Willdenow or
closely related species. The specification then proceeds to give
limits for certain parameters which have been selected to try and
ensure that only the gum from A. senegal is used.
Gum Arabic Hashab
Gum Arabic Hashab is pale white to yellowish- orange and solid. When ground, the pieces are paler and have a glassy appearance. The fact that it has saccharides and glycoproteins gives it the properties of glue. It is odorless and slightly acidic and is known for being edible.
Gum Arabic Hashab Kibbeld 6 mm
Gum Arabic Hashab is known for its many uses in food items such as
gelatos and soft drinks, marshmallows and other candies. It is also
used in the food industry as a stabilizer. It is also an important
ingredient in Lithography, printing, production of paint, production of
glue and ink and even in the beauty industry to make some cosmetics
It is an important ingredient in making shoe polish and is used in
making postage stamps and cigarette papers. Printers have this
substance in the interval between processing of the plates to stop
aluminum printing from oxidation.
Gum Arabic Mechanical Powder

An edible substance taken from the species of sub-Saharan acacia trees (Acacia Senegal).

Gum Arabic Hashab Kibbeld 2 mm