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It is a plant composed of edible parts and is commonly used in cooking. It is grown on the banks of the nile in Khartoum state and Blue Nile state in Sudan.
It has mainly three parts, the seeds, the fruit and the leaves. They are all edible. The leaves lose their strong aroma when they are dried and frozen and are usually used raw. Its leaves as referred to as cilantro and have a citrus taste and are used in cuisine worldwide.The fruit, usually dry, is preferred for its lemony flavor when crushed, it is also reminscent of orange and nuts. The plant is cultivated during the winter season in the beginning of October or in the autumn season and it takes up to four months to mature.
Coriander contains antioxidants which can help food last longer and sometimes, it prevents total spoilage. Also, the leaves help fight salmonella choleraesuis, a fatal bacteria found in infected food such as poultry and cattle. Coriander has been widely used to relief anxiety and aid sleep as it fights insomnia . It is also used to relief digestive disorders and help patients deal with diabetes since it increases the release of insulin. Studies reveal that the seeds lower the level of cholesterol by helping in the breakdown of cholesterol. Its juice, mixed with mint juice, is used to treat severe acne when it is applied to the face on a regular basis.
Also known as "Coriandrum Sativum", it is an annual herb of the Coriandrum genus belonging to the Apiacae . The plant grows up to 50 cms and has a round fruit that is 3-5 cms and ranges from green to yellowish green.