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cassia Seeds
Its latin name is Cassia Senna and Senna Obtusifolia. It is also known as Chinese Senna.
The leaves, seeds and roots of the plant are all used for different purposes.The plant is always confused with Senna Tora and this is why it has over 6 English names. The plant is picked and reaped in the autumn and left in the sun to dry. It has a bittersweet taste and is also salty.
If the seeds are consumed as tea, they are known to improve vision. The seeds also reduce hypertension and loosen bowels to relieve constipation. They relieve itchy eyes and over-sensitive eyes that hurt when there is light. The seeds are used as a more healthy alternative for coffee after they are roasted and ground. Paste made from the seeds is used to treat skin disorders as well as venomous snake bites and ringworm. The seeds also produce cassia gum, a food thickener, seeds also used in healthy pillows.
Cassia seeds come from the cassia plant and range in color from brown to yellowish red. It is a legume that grows wild in most continents. Its leaves are in groupings of six and the pods are 20 cm in width and contain many round seeds.