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Sudan is regarded as being the largest source of Argel in the region and the plant is planted in Central Sudan.
Argel is known for its aromatic and medicinal uses as well as its tea.
The leaves of the Argel plant are known for their use in the treatment of liver and kidney diseases. They are also used for treating allergies and can effectively heal bronchitis, treat nerve pains such as neuralgia and sciatica. Its incense treats measles and it is used to treat STDs such as syphilis. It treats gastro-intestinal cramps, stomach-aches and urinary tract infections. Argel tea is used for lessening the pains of childbirth and for treating eating disorders since it increases appetite.
Argel, known locally by the name (Hargel) and scientifically known as Solenostemma Argel is a plant in the "Apocynaceae" family. It is indigenous to Africa. The parts used are the leaves and stems, the leaves contain high carbohydrates and protein as well as crude oil, ash, calcium and magnesium.